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Storycito: The Wildest Woman of All

In "The Creative Fire" manuscript by cp estés on May 16, 2010 at 6:15 PM

Just from my heart to yours: There is a usefulness to a small satirical story… as medicine to prevent us from small-ifying everything vast and radiant down to a burnt cinder. We cannot be nourished from burnt bread.

Come this other direction, toward the vast mysterium. The doors, the doors of the universe ever stand open… even when many eyes are closed.

Yet be not impatient, for you are the able witness to this world and to the worlds within worlds. By your seeing clearly and teaching gently, you will teach others to truly see. Our existences will be the richer for your bringing the goodness of your gifts forward, bit by bit, adding to them each day.”

this comes with love and with peace,




by c.p. estés

A ‘somebody’ tried to trademark the word ‘God,’ so it could belong to only them, so only they could say what all godly things meant and what godly rules were to be followed, and what godly things were to be officially taught…

But the youngish trademark official behind the counter said, not unkindly, “You cannot trademark a name unless you are that person. “God” is a name, you see, so you must show proof that you are God.”

The ‘somebody’ replied: “I am not God…uh, except on Tuesdays, I try to dress and talk as though I am, but all that aside, I KNOW about God and that should be enough.”

“I’m so sorry,” said the official. “You’ll have to bring God in here in person to sign this trademark application. You yourself, no matter how much you know, Read the rest of this entry »