Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

You Know How They Say Men Are…

In The Good Souls on June 20, 2010 at 11:27 AM


by Dr. C.P. Estés

you know how people say
all those guys really do is lean against the girders
and whistle at girls and plan the perfect beerfest
in the Stratro-lounger each night… all while pounding
a nail or two daytimes.

I met a man today
a young man
with muscles
lots of them…
a weightlifter/ bodybuilder…

People say, they’re so taken with themselves
you know,
“all about themselves.”

He was clerking in a power-vitamin store
where I was buying the 4# jug of protein powder.
Upon leaving, my daughter pointed out
I was driving around with my new
license plates on the seat
instead of on the bumper
where they belonged,
and my temporary paper tag in the window
had expired yesterday.

I didnt want to get a ticket, so…
‘Can I borrow a screwdriver,’ I asked bodybuilder man…
thinking the store’d have one in back.

But, no, bodybuilder man
bounded out the door, across parking lot,
rummaging in his Jeep, but came back empty handed.
‘Thought I had one there,’ he said.

Today I met another man,
old construction guy with tool belt…
you know how people say
all those guys really do is lean against the girders
and whistle at girls and plan the perfect beerfest
in the Stratro-lounger each night… all while pounding
a nail or two daytimes.

Well, muscleman had hiked three stores down
where he knew construction man was working.
‘Got a screwdriver?’ he asked.
‘Sure,’ said tool belt man.

I had my hand out, ready to take the screwdriver…
but no, bodybuilder man was already squatting
at my pickup truck, unscrewing the rusty fat bolts
and slapping the plates on front and back, right smart.

He stood. Grinned at me like he just caught
a mermaid on a safety pin with no bait.
I blurted out,
‘You’re one of the last of the royal knights, you know.’

And he did that ‘guy thing’ that any woman
who’s a woman, loves so much, that ‘duck and blush’
thing men do when they are heart-pleased.

And carpenter man came to the curb to get his tool,
and bodybuilder man said, ‘Thanks Bud.’
Carpenter man said, ‘Happy to help.’
I said thank you too, and his  whiskers expanded
and went wide as he smiled.
‘It’s my job Ma’am,’ he said, and he saluted me…
Marine eagle on his arm flexing over the anchored world.

You know how those tattooed carpenter construction
worker bodybuilding weightlifter young/ old guys are.
You know how they are.

They keep horses
down at the river,
an old underground river…
which still runs clear.


“You Know How They Say Men Are”, © 1999, All rights reserved. Dr. C.P. Estés, poem from La Pasionaria: Collected Poems of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés: A Manifesto on The Creative Fire.” This particular work may be used non-commercially as long as it is kept entirely intact, not added to nor taken from, and this complete notice including usage, author’s name and copyright notice are clearly printed upon it. Other permissions ngandelman@aol.com

  1. I love it

  2. Kulitnya putih bersih, dengan betis yang woow, berambut menantang
    pastilah perempuan menawan ini punya nafsu seksual yang liar,
    itu kata temanku yang pengalaman seksnya tinggi Buah dadanya menonjol menyembul dari balik gaun tidur itu, apalagi ketika dia melangkah
    di sampingku, samar-samar dari sudut mataku menonjol cantik payudaranya yang putih

    “Uh , apa ini gara-gara film itu?”, batinku lagi

    Imajinasi bos aon338 mulai kurang didik, atau
    selama ini saya memandang cs senantiasa menerapkan kutang seksi dan berhijab
    jadi saya tak tahu format tubuhnya yang sebetulnya, lantas saya memasukkan bayang-bayang ke dalam adegan film tadi

    “Hmm ”, tidak sadar mulutku mengeluarkan bunyi itu
    “Ada apa, Di?”, isteri bos aon338 itu memandangku dengan alis berkerut

    “Eh , kau ngelamun yah, ngelamunin siapa sih? cs yang seksi?”,
    mengamati cs seksi dada bos dan leader aon338 berdesir sesaat
    pandangan mataku tertuju pada belahan dadanya

  3. Men as protectors. Still make me melt… God bless ’em.

  4. Beautiful. The divine masculine on display that day!

  5. I love this poem! It made me smile, and there are days, living in a patriarchal society, when I sorely need something to admire and be happy about in men.

    I am SO looking forward to the new book for men. And I SO respect your long period of holding the question; I wish more male “experts” would have so introspected before pontificating on women–– or at least asked us!

    May the angels and your guides continue to bless you in the writing and publication of this book. Thank you for sharing your writing and works in progress on this website.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Molly Rose

  6. Dr. Estes I am so happy to be even slightly connected to you again. Your book “Women Who Run With The Wolves” absolutely changed my life. I want to read the rest of your works and I invite you to visit my blog and check out my work too. You are very important to me and thank you very much!

  7. This made me smile…
    Thank you…
    Take Care…You Matter…

  8. I have just lately discovered this site and I opened it up this morning while I waited for the coffee to perk. I love this poem and it made me laugh- before coffee! Wow! I am so fortunate to know the kind of men this poem is about. Good, kind and hoping for opportunities to be heroes. Beautiful writing, thank you!

  9. Thank you for reminding me that I too sometimes see a diamond in the rough. Your works are diamonds, too. I guess our job is to remember the value and keep them precious.

    All good things

  10. Oh such a Delicious Exquisite Pome!
    Thank you.
    I’m so filled up with this one, I will have to come back later when there is room for the others. This one came up first in my reader window.
    Hearty-Warmth to you. xxx

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