Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Storycito: The Wildest Woman of All

In "The Creative Fire" manuscript by cp estés on May 16, 2010 at 6:15 PM

Just from my heart to yours: There is a usefulness to a small satirical story… as medicine to prevent us from small-ifying everything vast and radiant down to a burnt cinder. We cannot be nourished from burnt bread.

Come this other direction, toward the vast mysterium. The doors, the doors of the universe ever stand open… even when many eyes are closed.

Yet be not impatient, for you are the able witness to this world and to the worlds within worlds. By your seeing clearly and teaching gently, you will teach others to truly see. Our existences will be the richer for your bringing the goodness of your gifts forward, bit by bit, adding to them each day.”

this comes with love and with peace,




by c.p. estés

A ‘somebody’ tried to trademark the word ‘God,’ so it could belong to only them, so only they could say what all godly things meant and what godly rules were to be followed, and what godly things were to be officially taught…

But the youngish trademark official behind the counter said, not unkindly, “You cannot trademark a name unless you are that person. “God” is a name, you see, so you must show proof that you are God.”

The ‘somebody’ replied: “I am not God…uh, except on Tuesdays, I try to dress and talk as though I am, but all that aside, I KNOW about God and that should be enough.”

“I’m so sorry,” said the official. “You’ll have to bring God in here in person to sign this trademark application. You yourself, no matter how much you know, just wont do.”

The ‘somebody’ huffed and puffed’ … but the official would not give in, finally saying, “I’m sorry, Sir, I cannot serve your purpose. Next applicant!”

As the miffed ‘somebody’  turned away from the counter, an old woman with a bad knee and leaning hard on a cane, slowly approached with great dignity. She wore a sky blue babushka covered in earthly red roses. Her long dark dress was dusty and worn but softly mended. She smiled at the official with crinkly eyes, a knowing smile.

The official had seen her before, and smiled back: “Hello again. Is there something I can do for you today?”

“Ah, no, no. Thank you for asking dear boy. I just dropped by to see who was trying to take My name in vain. Again. Without seeing me first. Truly seeing.”

≈≈≈≈ EPILOGUE: They chuckled together then, about how the carbon dots called humanity often tried to climb atop one another to pretend to be ‘the one, the only one…’  and somehow all these facts about the fraility and dearness of human beings seemed a well-remembered and eternal joke between the official and the old woman.

And if one had watched very closely, they’d have seen a heart’s fire flash between them as they so gently laughed together, but only for a moment in time…. and immediately after, they appeared to be ordinary, as ordinary as any mother’s son, as any son’s mother would seem in broad daylight on earth…

Earth, being one planet in one galaxy of 2 million confirmed gallaxies in the visible universe. In the not-yet visible universe, it is estimated that Earth will be one planet in one galaxy amongst 100,000 million galaxies.

≈≈≈≈ As it has been said since Byzantium: Let us stand well. Let us stand in awe.


CODA: the beautifully executed watercolor painting of the Matriarch above– watercolor being so hard to master, for ‘it can run away’ on its little pigmented legs in every direction, or else become muddy instead of bright, with just one ‘let’s try this’ wash– this watercolor is by Atanur Dogan, a Turkish born man, now a Turkish-Canadian who shows his work from this site and also this site: www.doganart.com, and also on facebook here.  Atanur bey painting above is uploaded here by his kind permission. Thank you Atanur bey, muchisimas gracias.

“Once, When Someone Tried To Trademark the Word, “God,”” a story from The Creative Fire manuscript by CP Estés, Copyright ©2010, All Rights Reserved, including but not limited to electronic, performance, theatrical, musical, graphic, film, commercial, derivitive. Uses: You are welcome to use this work in non-commercial ways without adding to nor deleting any part, just using the work in its entirety along with author’s name and this copyright notice attached. Thank you. Other permissions: Ngandelman@aol.com

  1. Once again you have captured my heart with yet another story of our souls highest expression… of who we are, and where we are going…SHE Energy is all around us…and within us…we just need to stop and listen & feel her permeate our bones and we know on such a deep cellular level the truths that have been there for eons and will go on and on throughout space and time. Much Love to you always my Dearest Sistar~

  2. Please message me with a few hints on how you made your website look this good, I would appreciate it!

  3. Dear Dr Estes,

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    In deep gratitude,

  4. Dr E.
    I’ve been blessed with one more “spot” to help me on my journey. I’ve been told I’m a quick study but it’s only because I’ve been blessed with the best teachers. Thank you for sharing your teachings with the rest of the world… through you we see ourselves differently and one person at a time this world becomes a healed and better place.

    Love and Light…

  5. Hello Dear Dr. E:

    Thanks for the reminder to stand in our treelike selves, be strong, and be humble and awed. The reference of the galaxies really gives perspective of what we do not know yet sense is there. Muchisimas gracias to you Dr. E.

  6. Your words sustain and enrich me, i read pages of WWRWTW on a daily basis and i feel hope and joy and connection. How fortunate i am to discover your writing and pass all this wisdom on to my two daughters. With all my heart Thank You

  7. I have never been the same since the wolves woke my soul. And now, to find you again! What a sweet blessing…

  8. The woman in this painting says everything with the deliberate stare in her eyes. I also think by her grasp of the cane, that she is very strong. I think her words can slice a person down to their actual size. Basically, she can “kick anyone’s ass” whether it be with her words or cane….She bows to no one, and she has no desire of power over others. She is truth…to hurt and to heal.

  9. I have read your book and it spoke to me in a language older than the stars.

    It spoke about the process of birth and death; the ancient oneness that existed before mankind and even before the earth was made. In places that exists yet does not exist, that was where I found myself when I stumbled upon the moonlit path. It took me deep within the darkest regions of the soul.

    To rekindle the light that burned like dying embers of a broken heart; I found myself walking in silence that rang louder than my thundering heartbeat.

    I found secrets kept long buried and deeply hidden, bleeding me dry of my identity… I found your words describing my own journey to save the child within, chained and gagged so it starves itself to spiritual death.

    I think I speak in the language of picture where you write in the language of the Silver Tongue; each form of expression as old as our existence. I found redemption in the creative process and I appreciate your thoughts on how we die yet do not die when we allow society to gag the wild woman within.

    Thank you.

  10. Dearest Dr. E,

    THANK YOU for the beautiful painting and link to the artist’s site, and for the story. The story with its tag ‘creating too safely’ feels like it has dropped right out of the sky and targeted me personally, this morning, today, now.

    Can’t wait to read this book!

  11. Beautiful. Thank you.

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