Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés


In Blessing-Poems from Dangerous Old Woman fireside on May 12, 2010 at 1:24 AM

One more blessing here for you now dear souls. Just put your hand over your heart, or just lean back, or rest your hands palm up in your lap… just relax, and take a deep breath.


by C.P. Estés

Going over and over one’s fears
is empty
and emptying.
There’s something greater that sustains.
We call it Esperanza… Hope.
We call it
Querer es podar, Desire is power.
Hope and desire are power.
Ha, hum—fear.
Pstt, pssh, poof.

Consider that most fear
is not fear of failure:
rather, it’s fear to live fully,
in full power.

Choose your petty fears carefully,
because they can grow truly big teeth.
Instead, draw your attention here…

I have several fears
I would like you to have…
Fear these:

Fear not loving
while you have the chance.
Fear becoming bitter.
Fear cynicism.
Fear turning to stone.
Fear living underwhelmed by everything.

When the culture drags you back and forth between being fearful and being a person who gives blessings…

Give blessings.

When the culture drags you back and forth between being fearful and being merciful…

Be merciful.

When the culture drags you back and forth between being fearful and being forgiving…

Be forgiving.

When the culture drags you back and forth between fearing and loving…
When the great “they” say it must be decided, one or the other,
you can either be fearful, or do the other,

be loving…

refuse to do only one.
Choose all of them.

Be fearful, and bless others.
Be fearful, and be merciful.
Be fearful, and forgive.
Be fearful, and do.
Be fearful, and love.

It is by doing…
by doing the blessing,
doing the mercy, doing the forgiveness,
doing the loving, and doing the doing…
that fear is dissipated.


CODA: The above photo is photoshopped by a designer and is one of my favorite pictures. It runs with and without the quote on it but particularly, havent you felt this in dreams or perhaps in reality… That your wings are ready, just strong, turgid even, and ready to, deeply anxious to soar? The winged one is a strong archetypal image that has to do with ‘getting it,’ with delivering ‘the needed message.’ So many act as angel to us, and sometimes we to them.

with love,


  1. I read this poem just once & was weeping by the end of it. You touched something very deep in me, and I am grateful. Thank you for your words, your work & your presence here. And abiding blessings to you. With love.

  2. I have loved yur witings for years. When I read “Women Who Run With Wolves” it changed my life. I had spent my life runnng from the predator in my dreams. When you spoke of this in your tale of Blue Beard it was total recognition for me. I always feared that story since I was a child. I knew I would have to open the door and would be found out. By practicing lucid dreaming I was able to despatch the predator for good. ThankyouXX Love and Blessings.

  3. I love this poem. We all need to remember “Esperanza”, and “refuse to do only one.
    Choose all of them” as you say.

  4. Thank you for being you.

  5. As is everything, this is timely for me – and for the world… an un-going meditation on Love is where I am – propagating Love as best I can, wherever I am is what I value and strive to achieve…Fear is the absence of Love my Mother always said – this old wisdom I breathe every day – I am in deep awe of your writing, it is so beautiful and touches me deeply – and I will share it as much as I can as I strive forward… and yes, I fear all those things…I do.

    Love this picture too and the quote – reminds me of how one finds one’s spine.

    Blessings, thank you for Loving.

  6. Wonderful webinar all of them

    El T

  7. Thanks for the DOW and for sharing the Fireside…I love the stories and feel them deeply…would love to be a Story Teller…so much more expressive of the truth than ordinary prose…love…

  8. Well Dr. E: Thank you for another blessing. I will take this and keep in in my heart for courage to go forward rhizome rich, budding and flowering from stories, fireside chats and deep abiding soul friends to share things with.

    Many blessings to you and yours…
    Gypsy Lou New Mexico

  9. Dearest Dr. E,

    Like every post you have shared, these are words to live by and I take them truly to heart. Thank you for everything, and many blessings upon you and yours.


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